I've been thinking. . .

Right now the blueberry season at The Benson Place is in full swing, and we have a wonderful crew of workers picking and sorting almost two thousand pounds of berries every single day.

A few days ago, I had the idea to create a website for our workers, The Blube Club. This is something we were joking about last year, and it will be lots of fun to make it a reality. It is self hosted on a VPS running Debian, and we're all chipping in $1-$20 to make it happen. There's not much to see yet, but check it out! We want to make @blube.club email addresses, a chat server at chat.blube.club (not yet set up), and lots of blogs. We already have a page in Geminispace, but Google Sites won't let me create a gemini:// link. Just type blube.club into your Gemini client.

This is the my single greatest piece of writing to date and it's from a long time ago (April 2019) which goes to show that Calculus and DiffEq aren't as awesome as what I learned freshman year. I'm pumped for Linear Algebra in the fall, though.

The reason I love this so much is that I came up with it all by myself. I am proud of it.

Thanks to Brian Hydefrost for mentoring me on this.

My Corollary to Fermat's Little Theorem
The Government Should Give to Small Farms by Cutting Regulation and Raising Food Prices

Dancers glide over the polished floor

Red tears staining their bare feet

Arms lifted, their balance pulls them in

And the music does not stop when the song is ended

The shutters are closed to the rain of sadness

Amber light sparkles and memory is fading

Then cold starlight illuminates the bars of my sorrow’s cage

And I melt into gladness, and slip free

The Marble Tower

This short story is something I wrote in 2018.

The Marble Tower

lines of a hand weaving my fingers curl in fingers trace up and down nails and knuckles the inside of every finger and those little intricacies our fingers thumbs palms and the back of our hands they call the opisthenar did you know I am grateful for our hands how amazingly they teach us and manipulate handle touch touch callous curl around us our finger five and five our four and four and two thumbs and the mesmerizing infinity of lines bring to my mouth with a kiss traditions begin with meaning the inside of a fist can hold anything

Babbling monster everythings a lie just pretending red is an ugly color where the whos eating my lunch I've been a murderer before it's so much fun

Knives blood



That was Macbeth

he! sorry im sorry

Hey! help me where did my friends go porridge isn't isn't that it's a funny world isn't it summertime flippy


I'm lost being myself no one else to be need a hug yeah that's what I need lots of hugs cranberry juice oh I cannot do not succeed anymore


was That's a choice isn't it

pomegranate fun

babbling monster this is just lies and memories of acting don't be afraid but I am ha just kidding WHEN IM SCARED I TRY TO SCARE THEM